Katya and Guman Stoynov, both engineers specialized in automation processes, founded Kasto Chairs, in 1994. In the following 20 years the company grew slowly, but steadily, survived the economic crisis in 2008, and is now one of the biggest producers of wooden chairs in Bulgaria. A growing part of our production is exported.

Today and Tomorrow

Katya and Guman Stoynov are still running the company. In the three manufacturing plants where 12000 chairs per month can be produced. A modern, mostly computerized machinery, guaranties a fast and flexible production process. More investments are planned to ensure future growth and further improvement of the working conditions. The owners` son Stoyko Stoynov is now actively developing new markets in the European Union and the rest of the World.

Our Philosophy

We manufacture wooden chairs of good quality and competitive prices. For our customers we are a reliable and trustworthy partner. For our employees we provide permanent and safe jobs. Our voluntary social achievements are outstanding. Our location in Velingrad at the foot of the beautiful Rodopa Mountains daily reminds us of the responsibility for our nature and our environment. Therefore we buy logs only from certified and replaceable forests.